Movember Friday Flow: Kevin Love

Today is the first day of No-Shave November, Movember. Regardless of what you like to refer to it as, it shines the light on men’s facial hair, which is totally fine with me. This month instead of featuring tradition, long hair flow I’m going to feature guys with facial hair. Most guys don’t have a great stache on day 1. Other guys aren’t really participating, but you could say it’s because they already have great facial hair. Case in point, Kevin Love.

Kevin Love 14

To put it simply, he’s a beaut.

Kevin Love 20

Beauty Status

Before K-Love reached beauty status he tore it up in high school hoops. He was one of the basketball players highlighted in Beastie Boy MCA’s documentary “Gunnin’ for That #1 Spot”. Here’s a link so come clips of Kevin’s appearance.

Kevin Love Slam Magazine

Lake Oswego Lakers

It makes sense that Kevin is the basketball player he is. His dad, Stan Love, played at the University of Oregon and then in the NBA. His dad is not his only famous relation. His uncle Mike Love is a Beach Boy.

After high school he went to UCLA, much to the dismay of Oregon Duck fans.



UCLA, though, was a brief stop over. He played his freshman year and then declared for the NBA draft. While he was there he often conversed with the Wizard of Westwood, John Wooden.

Kevin, Coach Wooden, and Coach Ben Howland

Kevin, Coach Wooden, and Coach Ben Howland

Love was originally selected by the Memphis Grizzlies fifth overall. He was then traded to the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Young Kev

Young Kev

Since arriving in the league Kevin has been a dominant force.

Man handling and opponent

Man handling an opponent

He had an incredible streak of double-doubles that stretched over 53 games. The guy gets buckets and boards, what else could you ask for?





And he can shoot the rock.

Stroking it

Stroking it… 3-Point Shootout Champion in 2012

As I mentioned before he hasn’t always gotten the due credit. In his 5 seasons he’s been an All-Star twice. Many people blame the fact he plays for the Timberwolves, but the Timberwolves PR Department has certainly tried hard to get him in the All-Star game. I’ll let you check out the campaigns on your own.

Mr. Love Miracle Glass Cleaner Brian Cardinal, “The Custodian”, makes a cameo the could not be more fitting.

NUMB#RS a Fragrance by Kevin Love

Besides playing with former Boiler Brian Cardinal, Kevin also played with Brad Miller.

This picture is pretty great if you ask me, Kevin, Vanilla Ice and Brad Miller

This picture is pretty great if you ask me, Kevin, Vanilla Ice and Brad Miller

The night of Brad’s last game Kevin and Ricky Rubio along with the rest of the team sported trademark Brad Miller headbands in honor of Brad.

Kevin Love 29

I don’t recall what Kevin’s injury was that caused him to miss that particular game, but he has broken his hand doing knuckle push-ups before. Its been said that his dad has advised him over the years to do them to build wrist and hand strength.

The face of a guy who does knuckle push-ups

The face of a guy who does knuckle push-ups

Kevin has played along three Boilers during his career, most recently Robbie Hummel.

He makes that jersey look gooood.

He makes that jersey look gooood.

I was sooo excited when I heard that Robbie made the team. It’s been a long journey to the NBA for Robbie. The other day I was thinking about Robbie and Kevin and I was wondering how close they were in age. I thought maybe they were from the same high school graduating class. Turns out I was right. They both graduated high school in 2007. Robbie has said that he had played Kevin in AAU tournaments back in the day. It’s crazy to think that Kevin is starting his sixth NBA season and Robbie his first. Robbie suffered obvious setbacks on his way to the NBA and he doesn’t have the same level of talent as Love but I hope he can have a successful NBA career. He deserves it.

Since I’ve been talking about the Minnesota team I certainly hope Love will stick around and not leave the Timberwolves. Most of my reasons are selfish, but I also think he’s a good fit for the franchise.

Regardless of where Kevin plays ball in the NBA he’ll always be on USA’s team. His talent has earned him a spot on the US Men’s National Team.

Get out the way Ginobli

Get out the way Ginobli

With the National team he’s won a World Championship and Olympic Gold.

Opening Ceremonies Get-up... looking good, looking sharp

Opening Ceremonies get-up… looking good, looking sharp

Kevin’s talent has made him pretty famous and he’s got some famous friends. He’s also made videos with some of these friends.

Blake Griffin… couldn’t pass up including this picture.

Kevin Love 31

Kevin and Blake have teamed up for many videos, mostly epic Jenga matches

First Jenga video

Official Jenga promotion

ESPY appearance

Lockout services

Blake and Kevin has also hung out with Josh Duhamel… gotta love the ND boy.



Kevin also has a video with Clay Matthews. He also appeared on the Suite Life on Deck with Dwight Howard and Deron Williams.

None of these though are as well-known, though, as the episode he did in Kyrie Irving’s Uncle Drew saga.

Throughout Kevin’s videos and career he’s  sported different combinations of facial hair and hair cuts.


Throwback: Baby-faced

This look though is my least favorite

This look is my least favorite

Solid Stache

Solid Stache

Clean shaved face

Clean shaved face

Shaved head

Shaved head… did this to raise money for BC Awareness #SPREADLOVE

My fav: full facial hair. The suit doesn't hurt either

My fave: full facial hair. The suit doesn’t hurt either.

Hopefully Kevin will have a great season this year and then we’ll get to see even more of his face.

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  1. My favorite post of yours ever. Hands down.

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