My trip to see Hinkle Fieldhouse and Doug McDermott

I’m a Doug McDermott fan and last spring I was glad when he decided to come back and play his senior season at Creighton. This decision came a month after the announcement that Creighton would join the Big East. Butler, my second favorite Indiana college basketball team, also announced that they were joining the Big East. This meant the two teams would meet at least once during the forthcoming season. As I patiently waited all summer and the fall for the teams to release their schedule I hoped against hope that Creighton would have to make a trip to Hinkle Fieldhouse for a match-up.

Basketball season started and McDermott quickly asserted himself as a leading candidate for player of the year. On January 28th they beat St. Johns 63-60. Doug McDermott hit the game winning three and scored 39 points. That night was when I decided I had to see McDermott play. I had thought to myself that I would like to see him play but this sealed the deal; I needed to see him play before he graduated. I immediately looked to see when their match-ups with Butler were.

Creighton had already played Butler once in Omaha but they were going to face them again on February 13 in Indy. I looked on StubHub and saw that tickets were fairly reasonably priced. A week later I pulled the trigger and bought a ticket. I bought the cheapest ticket available which was for the top row of the arena.

Tip-off was schedule for 7:00 and to make sure I’d get there in plenty of time I had to miss my accounting class, it was a small price to pay to witness greatness.

Doug McDermott did not disappoint.

Doug McDermott 7

He put up 26 points and again hit the game winning three as Creighton edged Butler 68-63. Butler kept up with the Blue Jays the whole night but didn’t have enough for the win. Kellen Dunham impressed me for the Bulldogs, he’s going to be pretty great by the time he leaves Butler.

Dunham guarding McDermott

Dunham guarding McDermott

Kid can get his shot up whenever

Kid can get his shot up whenever

Seeing Doug McDermott was great but Hinkle was what I was most impressed with…I’ve seen pictures of Hinkle before but none of them can compare to seeing the place in person. On the outside it was bigger than I expected. Not sure why I expected it to be smaller, but anyways…

Walking inside Hinkle is like a blast from the past… and it’s great. Much of the interior is original. There are modern installations at various junctions but the integrity of the place is still there. I took a lap and looked and some of their displays, and then went up to my seat at the top row on the worn wooden bleachers.

The view from row RRR

The view from row RRR

The architecture of Hinkle is great and lends itself to the incredible aura of the place. There is no escaping the history of this place; it feels like you’re going to a game 60 years ago. I couldn’t help but think of all the great athletes who graced the court and all the classic games played there. There is no better place in Indiana that demonstrates our rich basketball heritage. This basketball cathedral is a must see for any basketball purist and those who long for the days of yore.

I can’t wait to go back again.


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